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Nos indicateurs NinjaTrader 8

  • What if I can't get it to work?
    If, despite the video instructions provided with the indicators, you are unable to get an indicator to work correctly, do not hesitate to contact us via chat or our contact form, describing precisely the steps you have already carried out and the blockage that you meet and we will get back to you as quickly as possible to help you finalize the installation, whether by message or video if necessary.
  • Can I use indicators with Ninjatrader Strategy Builder?
    Yes, you will find all the main information from our indicators in the Strategy Builder. You can easily reuse them to build your own automated strategies.
  • On how many machines can I use your indicators?
    By default, every indicator license is associated with a unique "machine ID". So when you buy an indicator on this site, you will be able to use it on a single machine. However, you can at a lower cost ask us to activate your license on additional machines (up to 3 maximum per user and per indicator). You may also migrate your license from one machine to another, by providing us with the new "machine ID".
  • With which platform can I use your indicators?
    Our indicators are developed for the NinjaTrader 8 platform.
  • What does “with API” really mean on indicators?
    This means that a C# / NinjaScript programmer, even a beginner, will have very easy access, via the NinjaScript Editor, to all the useful information provided by our indicators! For example for the Dynamic Value Area we give you access to the POC - VAH - VAL levels in real time and also to the entire history of these levels. You will be able to freely reuse this information to create your own indicators or even your own automated strategies. In addition, we provide you with widely commented examples of use so that you can use them very quickly (see description of the indicators).
  • Do I need the Order Flow + pack?
    No, you don't need it. All our indicators will work on NT8, even if you don't have the Order Flow+ pack.
  • Am I sure I will succeed in trading if I follow your training?
    Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee your success, because even if we have complete confidence in our training and in the fact that it works in real life for us (and we prove it by showing the diplomas from the prop firm evaluations that we succeeded, using exactly what is shown in the training), this requires time for a good understanding of all of the training(s) that you will follow, work on your side then to familiarize yourself with the concepts learned and a lot of practice on the platform, so that executing the learned strategies becomes second nature to you. And we can't do that for you 😉. However, we have developed a series of indicators that can greatly help you during your trading sessions, whether for analysis or setup detection. Once you are comfortable you can continue either on your personal real trading account or by obtaining account financing through prop firms.
  • Are your training courses accessible to beginners?
    Yes absolutely. Even though the content may seem intimidating at first if you have never practiced trading, everything is explained in detail step by step, with concrete examples in images and videos so that you can fully understand the different concepts. We have designed these training courses to be as accessible as possible for everyone and so that at the end of the training you can implement your own trading plan based on these proven concepts.
  • What if I don't understand something?
    If a concept still seems unclear to you or if you have a question following one of the training courses, do not hesitate to send us a message in the chat or via the site form and we will be happy to answer it .


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