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This pack includes the individual indicators Absorption Tracker, Dynamic Value Area + the AT-DVA indicator, each with their own API.

 The AT-DVA now works in concert with the Dynamic Value Area as it will update, in real time, the levels below and above which you are looking for your trading setups depending on the evolution of the VAH levels and of VAL.

 This means that based on your market analysis, all you have to do is indicate whether, for example, you prefer to look for buy  and/or sell setups under the VAL or if yoou prefere to look for only sells and/or purchase  setups above the VAH.

 You therefore no longer have to enter the Value Area levels manually on the absorption tracker since the indicator does it for you directly, in real time.

 You can of course also choose to use the indicators individually and set your own levels.

 Each indicator of course has its own API so you can use them in your own strategies and indicators and you can also use them in the Strategy Builder.

Pack AT-DVA with API


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