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  • The Absorption Tracker analyzes in real time, by price level, the liquidity of pending orders at Bid and Ask as well as market orders provided by Tape and alerts you as soon as an absorption takes place.

  • Immediate sound and graphic event (not dependent on a timeframe), telling you if an absorption is detected, a backticking, a backticking failure.

  • You can define on the fly on the chart price levels above and below which you only want to see the absorptions of buyers, sellers or both (allows you to have relevant signals in your setup search zones, depending on of your analysis)

  • Allows you to find precise entry and exit points in order to obtain better results while having tight risk management.

  • Ninjascript API integrated into the indicator so you can integrate detected events (Absorptions, Backticking, backticking failure) into your own indicators or strategies.

But then why is it useful to know if absorption/backticking is taking place? To illustrate this, let's take a few examples:

Let's say aggressive sellers try to push the price lower by breaking the previous day's lows. The only way waiting buyers would have to prevent this would be to reload their pending orders at the Bid level on one or more price levels, at the level of the previous day's lows.

So, when these aggressive sellers (with their market orders) realize that they are attacking the Bids without the price being able to go any lower, and that they are therefore being absorbed by these buyers at the Bid, the latter will thus be able to counter-attack by attacking the waiting sellers (at Ask) with purchase orders at the market, and thus raise the price (backticking). As a bonus, sellers stuck at the lows of the day before will have to settle their seller contracts by buying them back, at a loss, and these purchases will also help the price to rise and therefore reverse the seller movement previously initiated.

This therefore gives you digital confirmation that buyers, most often institutional investors with “Iceberg” orders, are doing their best to stop the price in its tracks (Absorption) and then show their desire to push the price in the opposite direction ( Backticking).

This valuable information could, for example, give you precise entry points into the market with a tight stop below or above this absorption zone. Indeed, if one crosses this zone following an absorption, in the initial direction, it is because the absorption is no longer taking place and it would then be advisable to leave one's position quickly.

Here is another example of a situation where this indicator can be useful to you. You are already in a position, let's say buy and win, and you are now looking to exit at the best time, neither too early nor too late, right? In this case you just need to indicate that you are looking for a selling absorption above your entry price and so as soon as this selling absorption is signaled, which would therefore risk stopping the rise in the price, you could decide to partially exit. or totally your position on the tick or the price zone which could therefore be the highest of this bullish movement.

To summarize absorption tracker is a very versatile indicator that can help you find good logical and effective entry and exit points based solely on real-time Order Flow (and not on an arbitrary timeframe), you allowing you to enter with a tight stop (just below or above the absorption zone), to find exits on potential ends of movement, which you can configure to only be active in search zones for specific setups, which will therefore correspond to your own market analysis and which will above all have real meaning with regard to Order Flow.

Absorption Tracker with API


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