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Order Book Scalping & Tape (English subtitles)




Training in French with English subtitles. This training is aimed at all those who, beginners as well as experienced, seek to understand how to use the order book effectively in order to be able to enter, manage their trade and exit a position with precision based on information provided in real time by the order book. My goal is simple: to make this tool accessible to everyone, which may seem intimidating at first, but once you master it, you will no longer be able to do without it or even return to the use of technical indicators based on past information… This training is designed to be both comprehensive while getting straight to the point to give you all the necessary information so that you can quickly apply everything you have learned. In summary : - Presentation of the training - Technical analysis vs Orderflow - Futures contracts - How to choose your market(s) - Prop firms - Configure your platform - Create your Workspace from A to Z - General principles of trading - The basics of the order book - Bids & Asks - Market orders - Iceberg orders - Spoofing - Absorption & Backticking - How to read the Tape - How to configure the Tape - Absorption Tracker: our indicator that does (almost) everything for you - Money management - Economic news - Range strategy - Trend strategy - Levels trading strategy - How to react to intraday structure change - Breakout fail - The successful breakout - Inter-market correlations - Execute and manage your trade well - The rigor of the trader - Prepare your session - Decision tree files - Follow the process - Record and debrief your sessions - Trading in demo vs real - Learn to manage losses - And now what do I actually do? - Conclusion of the training - 4 Tips - 2 Challenges - Live Examples

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